GRS Val-Air  Compressor

GRS Val-Air Compressor

  • $1,500.00

• GRS Val-Air  Compressor : Silentaire Val-Air compressors are virtually noiseless and completely automatic. All units come equipped with a tank, pressure regulator with built-in moisture trap and line pressure gauge, tank pressure gauge, safety valve, air intake filter, and a carrying handle or wheels for extra portability. All Val-Air models are top of the line, and this model has an upgraded heavy-duty 1/2 horsepower “AL” pump featuring an aluminum head with cooling fins. Also included on all models is an internally-painted tank to prevent rust and an in-line coalescing filter for oil mist removal. It is perfect for apartments, mall stores, bedrooms, or anywhere air compressor noise is undesirable. The Val-Air compressor, which is an upgraded version of the Sil-Air, comes equipped with the necessary options to protect your pneumatic engraving and stone setting equipment from unnecessary wear and damage. Includes Hook-Up Kit (#004-527), which includes 50 feet of air tubing and brass fittings, and Auxiliary Cooling Fan (#004-693).
• Silent running
• Automatic operation
• In-line regulator with moisture trap
• Regulator and waste bottle
• In-line coalescent filter (0.01 micron)
• Aluminum pump housing cover to cool the pump
• Internally painted tank to prevent rust
• Line pressure gauge
• Tank pressure gauge
• Thermally protected
GRS Val-Air  Compressor


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