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SPAREX® #2 Granular Dry Acid Compound / Granular Dry Acid Compound / Dry Acid Compound

S/#: SPAREX #2


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• SPAREX® #2 Granular Dry Acid Compound / Granular Dry Acid Compound / Dry Acid Compound : Sparex is an easy to use, long lasting solution for removing fire scale from gold, silver, and copper, after soldering.
• Sparex is a non-flammable granular compound and mixes with water.
• Mix about 1 teaspoon of Sparex per 1 cup of water, preferably in a crock pot.
• Heat to about 180°C and it is ready to work.
• Use copper tongs to remove items from the pot.  1/2 LB, 2 LB
Dry Acid Compound


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