GRS DIAMOND Power Hone  Dual Angle System

GRS DIAMOND Power Hone Dual Angle System

  • $1,340.00

In seconds, you can sharpen gravers and tools WITHOUT HEAT with the GRS Diamond Power Hone. It gives a sharper, stronger tool edge that makes brighter cuts, cleaner lines and scrolls, more precise beads and, finer shading. Beginners learn proper sharpening in minutes discovering that these accurately sharpened tools are easier to use. Professionals can save an hour each day because the Diamond Power Hone is fast, accurate and produces longer lasting tool edges. GRS Power Hone uses diamond wheels to sharpen hardened steels, high speed steels and carbides. You can now choose the best tool material for each job because you can sharpen them all. The wheels last for years and stay flat for accuracy. Different grits are available from coarse to mirror polishing. With its heavy steel housing, continuous-duty motor and double-bearing spindle, the GRS Diamond Power Hone is a sharpener you can depend on for years. And, you’ll find it remarkably easy to use. Videotaped, step-by-step instructions are available with tips even experts will appreciate. Available in 115 Volt, 60 Hz, 1.3 Amp or 230 Volt, 50 Hz, 0.7 Amp.
Included with Power Hone Complete Dual Angle System:
• Power Hone
• Dual Angle Sharpening Fixture (#003-570)
• Quick Wheel Change Adapter
• 260 and 600 Diamond Wheels
• Ceramic Lap
• 1/2 Micron Diamond Spray
• Wheel Storage Rack
GRA DIAMOND Power Hone  Dual Angle System


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