Ferris Wax

Ferris Wax, File-A-Wax, 1 Pound Bars, Purple

  • $19.00

• File-a-Wax carving waxes, used for making models to be reproduced by the lost wax casting process. They can be sawed, filed or carved. Will stand rough handling and will not soften in your hands. Available in three degrees of hardness, designated by color, and in a variety of shapes. Green wax cannot be flexed. Approximate melting temperature is 240°F(116°C). Purple some flexibility 240°F(116°C). Blue wax will bend 90° in 1/8" thickness. Approximate melting temperature is 240°F(116°C)
• Size : 6" x 3-1/2" x 1-1/2" , 1 lb.bar
• Flexibility - Good
• Hand Carvability-Excellent
• Hardness -55
• High Speed CNC - Fair
• Viscosity@300°F-3350
Ferris Wax


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