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Zeiss 10X Achromatic Triplet Loupe

S/#: 9200


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• Zeiss 10X Triplet Loupe : The 10x achromatic triplet folding pocket loupe is the best among all loupes.
• The GIA and CIBJO specify a high quality 10-power aplanatic achromatic loupe for grading the color, clarity and purity of diamonds and this 13mm (1/2") diameter folding loupe exceeds every requirement for sharp, dispersion-free viewing.
• Its sealed multiple-lens system comes with standard Zeiss T multi-layer anti-reflective coating, which both minimizes distracting environmental glare and enhances the clarity of the image seen through the lens.
• The tough, reinforced polymer shell is much lighter than a metal frame, but provides better shock protection for the lenses in the event the loupe is dropped.
• Optically effective diameter: 13mm
• Refractive power: 40 dpt
• Magnification for reference distance of 0.25m (D/4): 10X
Zeiss optics 10X Triplet Loupe


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