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Breitling style case back opener with 15 Dies and handle

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• Aluminum handle with 15 stainless steel dies made of high grade stainless steel
• These dies can be used with adapter 5538T to fit the Bergeon or Horotec case openers or other hand wrenches that take the standatd Bergeon type dies.
• All dies have 15 side walls except for No.9, which has 14 side walls. Measured from corner to corner the approximate sizes are:
No.1-19.0mm / No.2-23.8mm / No.3-26.0mm / No.4-26.5mm / No.5-26.8mm / No.6-29.8mm / No.7-34.0mm / No.8-35.0mm / No.9-37.0mm / No.10-36.4mm / No.11-37.0mm / No.12-38.2mm / No.13-38.7mm / No.14-43.0mm / No.15-44.4mm.
15 Dies Watch Case Back Opener Kit for Breitling style Opener Removal Repair Tool


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