Wieland Rhodinette 2 - German

Wieland Rhodinette 2 - Pen plating system

  • $650.00

• Wieland Rhodinette 2 - German : Fibre electrode plating system offering higher performance and better value for money.
• Selective electroplating of delicate areas and larger surfaces for goldsmiths and industrial applications: bright and black rhodium, various shades of gold, silver, pure palladium and nickel palladium.
• Robust rectifier with automatic mains voltage adjustment, voltage-stabilized and double insulated
• Rotary knob for easy adjustment
• High-quality electrode pen in functional design with large platinum contact for best metal deposition
• Long-life electrodes in special fiber, available in two sizes
• Special masking pen available for producing exact contours
• In combination with the extension set, larger surfaces can also be plated

Unit and Accessories
Rhodinette 2, rectifier with contact plate, voltage-stabilized and double insulated for 100 - 240 V ~ 50/60 Hz, max. output current 1,5 A
* 1 electrode pen, black with 1,2 g Pt-content, connection cable with plug wieland
* 1 cable with plug and workpiece clip
* 1 glass electrolyte jar Ø 40 mm, with lid
* 5 spare fibre tips (Ø 3,7 mm, length 22 mm

Wieland Rhodinette 2 - German


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