Buffing compound remover

Buffing compound remover 5gal. / 8 to 1/ for use with ultrasonic cleaner.

  • $65.00

• Buffing compound Remover
 Non-Viscous, alkaline liquid material for removing buffing compounds from most materials; applied by tank immersion or ultrasonically.
• Primary application
 BCR is a non-viscous liquid alkaline material developed especially for the removal of buffing compounds such as Tripoli, rouge, "white diamond". Lime, etc.. by tank immersion or ultrasonically. It is formulated with special wetting agents, excellent rinsing agents plus penetrating and emulsifying properties to make cleaning quick and complete.
• Application Procedure
 Ultrasonic applications, BCR is used with mixing ration of 1 part BCR and 8 parts water.
 Buffing compound remover


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