Best Built L3- 60W fiber laser engraver with Built in camera view

  • $32,000.00

The 2nd generation fully automatic laser marking machine for jewelers, BB-L3 ( 30, 60 & 100 Watts ) 

BB-L3 is a laser marking and cutting machine especially made for jewelry, to help jewelers utilize laser machines quickly and easily for their jewelry work. It has been developed by listening to the experiences of many jewelers and their specific demands

regarding laser machines. Our main goal in the BB-L3 development process was to offer an easy, fast, and convenient method of performing laser related jewelry work that is accessible to anyone, even novices. This goal has been achieved through our

automated features, simplicity of software, powerful performance, and intuitive design for using the machine.

This 3rd-generation laser marking machine, BB-L3, is mainly used at jewelry workshops to mark and produce jewelry products but is also very useful for performing marking
services at jewelry retail stores, thanks to its compact and modern design, low noise operation and small footprint.

BB-L3 is a laser marking machine specialized for the jewelry industry, enabling jewelers to perform fine and complicated marking and cutting easily and conveniently.

Black marking, white marking, cutting and deep marking
Quick change between pendant and ring marking modes,
thanks to the cable less docking station. No need to remove the rotary clamp for pendant marking: this feature is built-in.

Just slide the clamp to the left for ring marking. It is automatically recognized by the Load-N-Go system.

The rotary clamp tilts itself automatically in accordance with the ring size. No need to set the angle manually. The laser focus is automatically set for interior and exterior
engraving of rings. No manual focus adjustment is needed. A variety of optional clamps are offered for easily marking complicated jewelry products.


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