• If you see any damage to the outside/inside of the package (such as a hole, ripped or damaged cardboard, crushed corner-even if the damage appears slight), point it out to the carrier and write " damaged " on the carrier's delivery sheet next to your signature.

• Do not sign the delivery sheet without a notation about the damages. If upon opening the box, you find the item(s) are damaged, please call us at 1-212-719-4469 or e-mail us at so that we may assist you in both getting a replacement quickly and arranging for return/pickup of the damaged item.

• If the box appears to be in good condition but you discover that the item inside is damaged, you should promptly contact Uptowntools or the Carrier. ( This is classified as " hidden damage "and can occur when a box is dropped but lands flat causing no visible damage to the box itself. )

• Save all shipping cartons and packing materials for inspection. Uptowntools will not assume any responsibility for any losses that occur due to your failure to follow these steps.

Damaged Packaged Claims Process ( FEDEX )
• Let's get started

Step 1: Start a claim online For U.S. domestic and international shipments originating from the U.S. : Enter tracking number Specify your claim type: damaged shipment, lost shipment, or missing contents complete the online claim form to file batch claims, you must log n and click the File Batch Claims tab Add your supporting documentation now or later For shipments originating from outside the U.S. ( except Canada ), contact FedEx International Customer Service at 1.800.GoFedEX, 1-800-463-3339.

Step 2: Add supporting documents ( not required for claim values of less than $100. ) Drag and drop any supporting documents from your desktop to your claim, including Scan of FedEX® printout, and or FedEx Ground Pickup Record. Photos of the package and damaged contents ( if appropriate ). Serial number(s) of damaged or lost merchandise. Proof-of-value documentation: copy of original invoice from vendor/supplier, the copy of retail invoice/receipt, final confirmation screen (if it's an online order) with proof of payment-any applicable documentation.

You may also mail or fax documentation to FedEx Cargo Claims Dept. P.O Box 256 Pittsburgh, PA 15230 Fax 1.877.229.4766 (toll-free)

Step 3: Submit your claim Review your information, submit the claim form, and print your case number page for your records.

Step 4: Schedule an inspection FedEx will notify you if your claim requires an inspection. Please maintain the original packaging, including cartons and contents, for inspection and keep them until your claim is resolved.

Step 5: Track the status of your claim Check the status of your claim online at any time or request e-mail updates. Most submitted claims are resolved in five to seven business day unless additional research is needed. FedEx will notify you when your claim is resolved.